Linda‚Äôs work is inspired by poetry, sacred texts, myth and nature.  Rather than reacting only to current affairs, she draws on old or ancient wisdom to find what it has to say to the modern situation.

Linda makes work that engages the imagination and intuition and tries to make a creative space for the viewer to connect their inner nature with their outer nature to form ideas that are not rooted in convention, reason or rationality. However neither are they pure fantasy that provides and escape from humdrum life.  She wants instead to awaken the senses to the beauty and wonder of the world in which we live, to activate the attention to the mystery of the human experience.

She contrasts her work with some contemporary art which can tend to be somewhat nihilistic, avoids beauty and seems to deliberately put the viewer off or leave them feeling sad, depressed or confused.

She argues that whilst the genius of the modern world has produced life transforming scientific breakthroughs, it has also lost meaning.  Libraries can be filled with statistics, information amassed, but at the same time the meaning and value of the individual human and our place in history and the cosmos is lost.  Her art is a small attempt to champion the work of imagination and intuition that she believes is intrinsic to the well-being of the human soul that has been numbed by a mechanistic and often cynical world view.